Sales Services

Make your sales recording process more efficient

Our Sales Services

Paid or Owed

Our sales services will sort out sales (when the invoice is created for the customer) and Aged Receivables reports (who still owes money).

Sales Reports

Our sales report shows who you have invoiced while our account receivable report shows what amount is outstanding.

Accounting Software Training

We can train your admin manager on how to process your sales so they will appear accurately on your profit and loss statement.

Set Up Invoice

We can help you attach your logo and bank account details on your accounting software.

Accurate Reports

Knowing the status of goods and services sold will provide accurate profit and loss, and cash flow statements.

Know Who Your Best Customer Is

Our sales services will reveal your most reliable customers, the ones you want to keep.

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How We Can Help

Recording sales can be complicated, especially if you don’t have training to do it. For instance, your customers might find the wrong product itemised on the invoice. Do you know how to record a part payment if they only pay half but promise to pay the remainder later? If only there was a simple process.

We can record or train your admin manager to record the correct amounts in your accounting software against the correct invoice. This will provide you with an accurate record of who has paid and who still owes you.

Why Choose Adbur Bookkeeping for Your Sales Services?


We understand the implications of credit, due pay dates and other factors that can affect a business’s profitability.

Attention to

We accurately record all payments of invoices against the relevant invoices.


We know how to locate the right invoices in your accounting software.


We show you which customer pays when, giving you a comprehensive picture of how much your business is really generating.


Our sales services have assisted businesses for twenty years.


Our comprehensive sales services deliver efficient and effective sale recording processes that assist you to be more profitable.

Our Memberships and Accreditations


We are making plenty of sales but seem to be always in debt. Is this something you can sort out?

Sure! A consultation with us can identify the reasons why you don’t seem to be getting on top of things.

I’m an admin manager who used MYOB in my last job. Now in my new job, I need to process sales in Xero but I don’t know how. Can you help?

Of course! We can train you to issue correct invoices in both software platforms.

We send invoices via our accounting software but we don’t know how to include our logo and bank details. Can you assist us?

Sure can! We can insert these into your invoice page. 

What does your sales process report contain?

We can show you when the date the invoice was created, what stock or service is included in the invoice and what is outstanding.