Cash Flow Management

Manage your cashflow so you always have enough

Our Cash Flow Management Services


We assist you to manage your cash flow for expenses such as income tax, PAYG, GST, loan repayments and upgrades.

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Accounts Receivable Solutions

We track invoicing, payments and account reconciliation, managing your accounts receivable process more efficiently and thereby improving your cash flow.

Sales and Expenses

We can accurately calculate your cash flow from deposits and expenditures to show where you need to spend less and where you can invest.


We can help you track any cash you may have sitting in stock that’s not moving.

Monthly Cash Flow Statements

We can provide monthly cash flow projections that accurately reflect expenses and profits in operating activities, investment and credit lines

Annual Cash Flow Review

We can provide our annual cash flow review which uses your previous year’s figures as a base for the following year’s cash flow.

Cash Flow Forecasting

We can assist you to plan for future growth by knowing exactly how much cash you have and when.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Plan for future growth by knowing exactly how much cash you have and when.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Plan for future growth by knowing exactly how much cash you have and when.

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The Challenges of Cash Flow Management

Many business owners come unstuck because they think that lots of sales and orders equates to having plenty to spend. However, they may have insufficient funds when it’s time to pay taxes, PAYG, GST and super, let alone to invest.

How We Can Help

Cash flow is vital to the success of any business. Adbur Bookkeeping will keep you on track with budgeting and planning. By helping you analyse and manage your cash flow, your business will have enough cash for the future.

Why Choose Adbur Bookkeeping for Your Cash Flow Management Service?


We remember the things you need to save for, such as PAYG, GST and income tax.

to Detail

We provide an overview of all aspects of the business to reveal what cash is available.


Our cash flow management reports allow you to plan for the future.


We support businesses to remain solvent.


We have managed cash flow for businesses for twenty years.


Our cash flow management service will stand you in good stead for years to come.

Our Memberships and Accreditations


We make good sales in our business but we never seem to have enough in the bank. Can you help?

We sure can! Our cash flow management services will assist you to budget month by month.

We have plans to expand our business over the next five years and was told that someone overseeing our cash flow would help. Is this true?

It certainly is! We can show you where savings can be made for possible future investment.

We run a ski shop that makes most of its money in winter. Can you help us to plan for the lean months of summer?

Our cash flow management services will certainly help you budget for those months where you earn less.

When we manage to keep on top of our cashflow, why do we never to have enough to invest for the following year?

Our cash management annual review will help you analyse where your cash is going and where to improve for the next year.