BAS & IAS Services

BAS and IAS statements compliant and lodged on time

Our BAS Bookkeeping Services


We can prepare and lodge your Business Activity Statements (BAS) quarterly or monthly, whichever is required.


We can submit the payroll figures for your monthly Instalment Activity Statements (IAS).


We can collect your relevant data on GST, PAYG instalments, PAYG withholding tax and other tax obligations that are needed for BAS and IAS.


We keep informed of all changes in regulations and lodge accurate reports so that your business will always be compliant.

Lodged on Time

Our BAS and IAS services ensure you need never again worry about lodging on time.

Work With Your Accountant

We can work with your accountant regarding GST and PAYG issues.

For accurate BAS and IAS statements that are compliant and lodged on time, call Adbur Bookkeeping on

The Challenges of BAS & IAS

As if business owners aren’t busy enough, if you are registered for GST, you must lodge a Business Activity Statement (BAS) report monthly or quarterly or possibly a monthly IAS as well.

How We Can Help

Adbur Bookkeeping can save you time and headaches by collecting all the relevant data, filling the BAS and IAS forms and lodging them on time and accurately. You will always be compliant with Adbur Bookkeeping.

Why Choose Adbur Bookkeeping for Your
BAS & IAS Services?

Registered BAS Agent

As registered BAS agents, we can lodge your BAS and IAS on your behalf.


You can rely on us to lodge your BAS and IAS accurately and on time.


As leading BAS agents, we maintain our certification annually with ongoing training.


Our BAS and IAS services have assisted businesses for as long as GST has been around.

Close Attention
to Detail

We sort through the payroll and GST information to lodge accurate BAS and IAS.

Provide Quality
of Service

From our initial consultation to the quarterly lodgement, our BAS and IAS services will save you time and stress.

Our Memberships and Accreditations


I’m always late lodging my BAS. Can you help?

For sure! We will lodge your BAS on time when required.

We are not registered for GST but we have set up a PAYG system for our employees. Do we need to lodge a BAS?

This is something your accountant can give you advice on.

I earn less than $75,000 but I would like to register for GST. Will I need to lodge a BAS?

Yes, you will.

I have just started a new business for GST. Do I need to register for GST?

It depends. A quick call with us can help you make the most best decision for your business.