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Our Reporting & Insights Services

General Ledger

We can organise your transactional data into the relevant assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, and owner’s equity accounts to accurately prepare your financial statements.

Profit and Loss Statements

We can provide profit and loss (P&L) statements that assess the profitability of your business so you can understand how your business is tracking.

Balance Sheet

With an up-to-date and accurate balance sheet, we can give you a snapshot, at a single point in time, of what you own and what you owe.

Wages and GST Report

We can assist you to keep accurate wages and GST records for the ATO.

Invoice Inventory

By tracking the sale of a product for inventory control, accounting and tax purposes, we help you keep track of accounts payable and similar obligations.

Cash Flow Reporting

Our monthly and annual cash flow reports provide a valuable measure of the strength, profitability and long-term future of your business.

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How We Can Help

Business owners are often industry experts but not always good with numbers. Many don’t know how to read a P&L statement, let alone what know it means for the viability of their business.

At Adbur Bookkeeping, we provide a suite of reports on the current state of your business. We can assist you to interpret the data, giving you insights that can lead to future business planning

Why Choose Adbur Bookkeeping for Your
Reporting & Insights Service?


We generate accurate P&L statements, balance sheets and other reports for a financial overview of your business

Attention to

We ensure that all reports contain correct and relevant data.


We can read the hidden elements in your reports to keep your business on track.


Our comprehensive reports and insights have assisted businesses for twenty years.


Our complete range of reports and insights will help you to achieve business success.

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Why do I need a general ledger?

A general ledger provides the debit and/or credit movement within the account and the net movement for that account for a specified period.

What do I need to include in a P&L statement?

You will need to record all your sales, direct costs and expenses.

Why do I need a balance sheet?

A balance sheet is the best way to give you an idea of your business’s financial position by revealing your liabilities, assets and owners’ equity net worth. 

Why do I need an invoice inventory report?

An invoice inventory report will assist you to keep track of goods purchased and sold, and what is in stock at any one time.