Payroll & Superannuation

Wages and entitlements paid accurately every time

Our Payroll & Superannuation Services

Our Payroll & Superannuation Services


Have your employees paid on time, every time, with their correct wages and entitlements. We can help with single touch payroll (STP), a mandatory requirement of the ATO.


We will calculate the correct amount of tax to be withdrawn regularly from your employees’ gross pay packet.

Salary Sacrifice

Let us organise the salary sacrifice arrangements for your employees so that they can contribute more to their superannuation.


We will keep on top of increasing superannuation rates over the coming years so that the correct percentage is always paid.


We can assess the amount each employee is entitled to for long service, annual and sick leave.


We can calculate any commissions your employees are entitled to, based on the formula you have in your business.

For no-fuss, accurate payroll services, call Adbur Bookkeeping on

For no-fuss, accurate payroll services, call Adbur Bookkeeping on

For no-fuss, accurate payroll services, call Adbur Bookkeeping on

How We Can Help

At Adbur Bookkeeping, we can handle all your payroll and superannuation punctually with accuracy and ease. We will keep abreast of all your employee’s entitlements so they will always receive their correct pay.

The Challenges of Payroll

The weekly or fortnightly pay packet can be a headache. If your employees are salary sacrificing, they need their superannuation contributions taken out before tax. PAYG needs to be calculated, as well various entitlements such as overtime and commissions.

Why Choose Adbur Bookkeeping for Your
Payroll & Superannuation Services?

Why Choose Adbur Bookkeeping for Your Payroll & Superannuation Services?


We keep up to date with regulations on superannuation contributions, GST and single touch payroll.


Our payroll and superannuation services have kept employees happy for 20 years.


We are known for our efficient and accurate bookkeeping skills.


Our certification ensures that you have a bookkeeper who knows what they are doing.

Close Attention
to Detail

We pick up small discrepancies so they don’t become major errors.

Exceptional Value

Our full suite of payroll and superannuation bookkeeping services provide businesses with accurate figures to make better informed financial decisions.

Our Memberships and Accreditations

Our Memberships
and Accreditations


We’re a small business and trying to calculate overtime, salary sacrificing and commissions is becoming a nightmare. Can you help?

Absolutely! We can handle all that plus PAYG, superannuation contributions and much more.

I always forget to lodge my BAS statement on time. Can you do it for me?

Of course! We can lodge BAS and IAS statements when needed.

I’m the office administrator but the boss wants me to do the books as well. Can you do it for me?

Certainly! We can handle all your employees’ wages and entitlements weekly, fortnightly or whenever you wish.

Do you offer online services?

We offer in-house and online consulting.

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