We have been using Adam Burstin from Adbur Bookkeeping for a little over 6 years now and we are extremely happy. It is the first time we have felt that our bookkeeper is really on top of things, keeping our records up to date, and more importantly ensuring their accuracy.
I would have no hesitation referring Adam to anyone who is looking for a competent and efficient book keeping service.

Archie – Dental Product Importe

We have been using Adbur Bookkeeping for several years now and we are extremely happy. Adam is approachable, flexible and keeps our records up to date, and more importantly ensures their accuracy.

I would have no hesitation referring Adam to anyone who is looking for a competent and efficient book keeping service.

Talia – Dentist

We have used services of Adbur Bookkeeping for almost two years and find them efficient, prompt and reliable. Mr. Adam Burstin, head of Adbur Bookkeeping is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.

Michael – Podiatrist

Throughout all of the time Adam has worked with us, I have always found him to be punctual, efficient and accurate. He is always happy to answer any queries I have and is genuinely committed to client satisfaction. Highly recommended.

Nathan – Entrepreneur

Thank god for Adam and Adbur Bookkeeping! As a working mum running a small, but busy and successful business, Adam is worth his weight in gold to me.
After a series of experiences with less than competent, part-time book-keepers who ended up costing me more time, money and headaches than I care to remember, Adam came to the rescue.
He cleared up their messes, took control of my books, brought my finances up to speed technologically thereby reducing the amount of his time and cost required to maintain them and does all of this with a sense of personal care and warmth that can’t be bought.
Adam understands my business, he knows what I need, he stays in touch, keeps me in the loop and communicates easily with my accountant where necessary.
With Adbur Bookkeeping I feel like I’m in good hands, I won’t be ripped off and there won’t be any nasty surprises. He’s a blessing and I cannot recommend his services highly enough to others.

Carolyn – Consultant

Adam from Adbur bookkeeping has been our bookkeeper for our businesses since their inception over a 10 year period.
He has been instrumental in setting up MYOB, initiating an accounts model and management of accounts procedures. Adam is responsible for processing and reconciling our financials and submits our quarterly BAS and monthly PAYG.
Not only has Adam seen to our books, but he has become a trusted advisor whether it is assistance with any tax or business advisory questions as well as strategic planning. He has taken an avid interest in our business and knows the intricacies of our business both on and off the books. This makes Adam not only a well respected bookkeeper but an integral part in our day-to-day business management and planning. There has been a lot of value added beyond pure bookkeeping, exceeding expectations.
I would recommend Adbur Bookkeeping for their exceptional client service, analytic accounting & bookkeeping as well as for “going the extra mile” in delivering a comprehensive and holistic service.

Larry – Product Importer

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